Formally a collector turned small business owner, Dexy and Ness needed a logo to help her launch a small business selling antiques using e-commerce sites and social media.

The requirement:

The initial request was for a logo, plain and simple that the client could use on e-commerce platforms and and social media. The startegy was to build and  social reputation then use the momentum to promote their own e-commerce website.

The target audience:

The client targeted collectors alike and resellers via local and international promotion on social media.

The Process:

When the logo was produced it was a waiting game at first, as the client wanted to have a ongoing revenue stream before investing into a website build and more paid promotion.

The Support:

The support came from GC Creative Co. Understanding the budget and client requirements. GC Creative Co accommodated to to the clients budget and delivered what was necessary to ensure the client was successful.

The Result:

Dexy and Ness managed to build a substantial following on social media, and with the return revenue of sales, GC Creative Co was called upon to build an successful e-commerce website and also provide ongoing social media assets for further paid promotions.


  • Concept Design
  • Brand Development
  • Social Media
  • Design Build and Implementation


  • Front-end development
  • Project Management 
  • Post Design Support 
  • Exclusive Availability



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