As your business grows, you’re going to find that time will be of most value to you.  So, what should you do to ensure that you get the most value from your time?

Here are 10 tips I can suggest for you to follow so that you can better manage your time and have a more productive and fulfilling a day.


Use a calendar and write down everything you have planned to do on that day.
This method is call time blocking, by time blocking you are scheduling all your jobs and activities for that day.
Doing this will give you a better scope of your daily workload, but will also ensure your work efficiency.


You want to clear yourself of any interruptions and distractions, so to try and avoid reading any unnecessary emails or notifications. Turn off any notifications from your phone or computer, having these distractions will definitely lead to a day of procrastination.


One of the important tips is to always focus on one job at a time.
Tackle the largest job first, keep your priorities from largest to smallest.  Even though you might feel the small jobs are quicker and easier, you will usually find that after working through a series of small jobs, the larger job is the least motivating to work on towards the end of your day. By focusing on the largest job first, you to feel more accomplished.


To keep yourself focused, set yourself a reward at the end of the day.
Whether it’s to watch a movie, go to dinner, catch up with family or friends or even have some personal time for yourself. You will find that setting a reward for a good day’s work will result in an accomplished day.

Tip #5 | MAKE A PLAN

Make a plan that you can stick to. You don’t want to don’t overload yourself with unexpected and unnecessary work. Make sure you always make a plan to have time to yourself, so you focus on your creative development.


Don’t forget to take a break! For you and your sanity, brakes are important. Even though you might feel like you’re on a creative whirlwind or you’re ‘in the zone’. You definitely need to give yourself a time-out. Having a break will allow you to relax and get back into the game. Use your break to gather inspiration, take the opportunity to go out and get some sunshine, focus on your fitness, hydrate, eat some food and most importantly detach yourself from your work station.


Sometimes your brain needs to switch off. Reset.  So, do something unrelated, something that doesn’t require thinking. Separate your brain from the current work at hand and focus on something that is unrelated to what you are currently doing.


During a productive day, a key point is to not think about editing or refinements straight away. The best practice is to lay everything out and ensure you have your structure set up. Get whatever is in your head out onto your computer or paper, regardless of errors. Once you have laid it all out, then use your scheduled time you have to do refinements and edits your project.


Focus on one job at a time, don’t overload yourself with multiple tasks, because you’re only going to confuse yourself. I’ve seen it and done it before. Working on multiple jobs at the same time can sometimes lead to confusion, work crossover, creative blocks and average results. Give Job #1 100%. It will ensure your workflow will not only be efficient but also accurate.


Document your processes, tips and cheat sheets.
You can use these as guides to follow every day. Make a list so that you can follow and check it off as you work. Documenting your work will save you a lot of valuable time.  It creates efficiency in your work. So, take the opportunity to write down all your processes.

These are my tips, you may have heard of some of them and some might be new to you now. This is only a guide, but I thank you and I hope that these tips are helpful to you, time is important to us all and is crucial in the business world. Get the most value out of your time so that you can run a successful business.